O-Face – Triple Tremolo LFOverdrive


The worlds first and only overdrive with optical knob modulation.

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For complete details, see the:
O-Face Owners Manual

Let us show you our O-Face: The worlds first and only optically tremolo modulated overdrive!

It is like having four pedals in oneIt takes a killer-sounding all original overdrive circuit and adds in three flavors of tremolo by adding an independent optical LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator) function to each of its Gain, Tone, and Volume controls.

With the push of a button, oscillation can be enabled for any of the three top controls knobs, making them oscillate automatically as if the knobs were being turned back and forth by invisible hands.   Each modulation has its own independently configurable speed, depth, waveform shape, and phase, allowing nearly endless different sounds to be created.  To top it off, an illuminated ring in each pushbutton pulses to show the exact waveform for each modulation.

What exactly does optical modulation mean?  It means that the O-Face has 4 pulsing lights inside that make all the of the modulation magic happen!  Much like how the old Uni-Vibe pedals used an LFO-driven bulb shining onto photo-sensitive resistors to create its effect, the O-Face uses a similar technique.  Rather than using an incandescent bulb, the O-Face uses LEDs that will never burn out, and instead of a single bulb, the O-Face needs 4 separate photocell lights to do all of its modulations.

It is also packed with features including:

  • Presets to store all of your favorites
  • Full MIDI control with CC’s for every function and both in and out jacks
  • Tap-Tempo to set the modulation speed
  • Tap-Hold feature ramps to a configurable speed & depth set-point
  • neutral tone filter adjustment feature to sculpt the core neutral tone.

All of these features combine to create a truly unique, versatile, and inspiring sonic experience.  It can be used as anything from a pure overdrive, to three-way tremolo modulation effect that can create some never-heard-before sounds.  Plenty of options are available, and the presets can store all of your greatest hits.

Each O-Face is hand-crafted and individually hand-numbered in small batches with the best quality components we can get.  Absolutely everything, including circuit board assembly, machining, finishing, screen printing,  assembly, and testing, is done in-house right here in Eugene, Oregon, U.S.A.

Need a MIDI adapter cable for the 1/8″ TRS MIDI jacks?  Get one here: https://www.geckopedals.com/product/midi-adapter-cable/

Need a dedicated power supply?  Get one here: https://www.geckopedals.com/product/9v-power-supply/

Features include:

  • 100% analog 4-stage overdrive circuit.
  • A unique soft-clipping diode configuration that achieves both high output and a soft knee for a tube-like sound.
  • Optical independent knob modulation for each of the three overdrive control knobs.
  • An illuminated ring in each modulation pushbutton visually show the exact modulation waveform.
  • Independent control over each modulation.  Each can have its own speed, depth, phase, and wave shape.
  • A tap-tempo switch can easily set the modulation speed.
  • A Tap-hold feature ramps the modulations to a configurable speed & depth set-point.
  • Three programmable presets can be recalled through hardware (12 through the MIDI interface).
  • Fully MIDI controllable through a compact 1/8″ mini-jack MIDI interface.
  • Top-quality all-metal hardware and jacks used throughout.
  • Powder-coated enclosure and epoxy ink artwork for ultimate finish durability.
  • Gold-plated contacts on the circuit board (ENIG finish).
  • Genuine Hammond Manufacturing all metal enclosure.
  • Quality silicone wire is used for all peripheral circuit board connections.

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Weight and Dimensions:

  • Dimensions: 3.75 in W x 4.72 in D x 3.5 in H (94 mm W x 127 mm D x 62 mm H)
  • Box Dimensions: 6.5 in W x 4.875 in D x 3.625 in H (165 mm W x 124 D x 92 mm H)
  • Weight Without Box: 14 oz (400 g)
  • Weight With Box: 18 oz (512 g)

See it in action in some Demo Videos:

Additional information

Weight 20 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4.7 × 3.5 in
Power Supply Option

No Power Supply, With 9V Power Supply (+$12)