NEW! Geckoplex EP-5 Version 2 – 1st Year Special Edition


A modern feature-rich delay pedal inspired by 1960-1970’s era tape delays

If you already have a supply that can provide at least 300mA at 9-12V with a center-negative barrel, select the “No Power Supply” option to save yourself some money.



For complete details, see the:
Geckoplex Version 2 Owners Manual


To celebrate the 1st year anniversary of Gecko Pedals’s first public sale, we made a few special edition color-reversed Version 2 units.  You really have to see one up close to fully appreciate it.  The off-white textured finish has a shimmering, pearl-like effect in the light.  Each one is signed, and has “1st Year Special Edition” printed on the back.  Otherwise, they are functionally identical to the normal Version 2 ones here:

Only a dozen or so were built.  Once they are gone, they are gone for good.

This pedal uses a 1/8″ TRS MIDI cable format.  Need a MIDI adapter cable?  Check here:

There is a demo that features one of these special edition Geckoplex in action:

Additional information

Weight 38 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6.25 × 3.625 in
Power Supply Option

No Power Supply, With 9V Power Supply (+$12)